The RE team, here at Hollingworth, aim to deliver a curriculum that pupils will enjoy, achieve and see value in, not only from a school standpoint but locally and globally. Pupils will be equipped to promote respect by challenging and combating prejudice and discrimination faced by a variety of groups and individuals in the 21st century. Through RE we hope to shape pupils’ attitudes and ideas towards promoting a society of respect, understanding and acceptance.

The Curriculum

Key Stage 3

Pupils in Years 7, 8 & 9 receive one 60 minute lesson a week with homework each fortnight, as is the policy at Hollingworth. Pupils are taught in mixed ability groups with class sizes of 30 or below. Progress is tracked and monitored in accordance with agreed procedure. Pupils receive between three and six curriculum assessments per year.

Year 7 Curriculum Plan

Year 8 Curriculum Plan

Year 9 Curriculum Plan

Key Stage 4

Pupils in Years 10 & 11 receive three 60 minute lessons a week with homework once to twice a week. The two year GCSE course is with the EDUQAS exam board. At the end of the two years pupils sit three exams. Pupils are taught in mixed ability groups. Progress is tracked and monitored in accordance with agreed procedure. Pupils complete a range of both formal and informal assessments in the form of extended writing activities in class, low stakes and engaging quizzing using Kahoot and practice exam questions. Pupils also practice exam questions under timed conditions in class and mock exams.

KS4 Curriculum Plan


WJEC Eduqas GCSE in Religious Studies (C120P3)

Extended Curriculum

After School Clubs

The RE department has a number of after school clubs which run at different points throughout the year. School website and social media will be updated with details when clubs are being held. Clubs include Charity Club and Philosophy Film Club.


Year 11 receive a number of revision sessions weekly to support them with their GCSE's. Year 10 have one revision session weekly for those who wish to revisit content studied in lessons and revise for in-class assessments.

Homework and Independent Learning

Key Stage 3 have homework set every fortnight.

Key Stage 4 have homework set every week and have a variety of resources and exam questions on the VLE to support independent learning.


The RE and History department run a trip to Berlin every 2 years to visit sites of historic and religious significance.

GCSE RE pupils have numerous guest speakers throughout their course including members of the church, humanist society and mosques.

GCSE RE pupils visit Manchester Cathedral during their studies.