At Hollingworth we actively promote and encourage a strong reading ethos in school. Each pupil is required to have a reading book as part of their everyday equipment.

According to research carried out by the Centre for Research in Psychology, Behaviour and Achievement at Coventry University:

“Reading for pleasure has been associated not only with increases in reading attainment but also with writing ability, text comprehension, grammar, breadth of vocabulary, attitudes, self-confidence as a reader, pleasure in reading in later life, general knowledge, a better understanding of other cultures, community participation, a greater insight into human nature and decision-making.”

Opening Times

Pre-School Homework Club 8.00-8.40 am
Morning Break 11.00-11.15 am
After School Homework Club 2.50-3.50 pm

Pupils have access to a printer and photocopying facilities.

LRC and Resources

Fiction Section

In order to encourage literacy, the LRC is stocked with a wide range of resources accessible to all pupils regardless of ability. Stock is replenished on an annual basis and pupils are encouraged to suggest books or favourite authors that will be purchased on their behalf.

The resources in the LRC are divided into genres: Fantasy, Mystery, Romance, Adventure, Horror, Classics, Comedy, Historical and Real Issues. This encourages students to guide themselves through the library independently, and to step out of the literacy comfort zone of familiar authors.

Every effort is made to ensure that pupils are reading materials that are age appropriate. We have therefore introduced a colour-code system within the fiction section of the library:

Young Reader Section

This is for pupils between the age of 11-13 and stocks a host of popular titles and authors. These resources are colour coded with a blue sticker.

Young Teen Section

This is for pupils between the age of 13 - 14 and the resources are colour coded with an orange sticker.

Young Adult Section

This is for pupils 14+ and over and the resources are colour coded with a red sticker.

These age groupings are considered to be guidelines – in order to encourage students to stretch their literacy level, we will allow students to take out any book in the library, unless guardians specifically inform us of restrictions.

Graphic Novels

We have a range of graphic novels located in the LRC and these can be loaned out in the usual way.


We have a selection of educational magazines and comics which are available to pupils in the LRC. Magazines are to be read in the LRC only and are not to be taken home.

Non-Fiction Section

There is a wide range of resources supporting each subject area available in the LRC. Pupils should be using this resource as well as internet-based resources for their research and completing homework.

Careers Library

Hollingworth achieved its reaccreditation for the Quality in Careers Standard award in February 2019. This is in recognition of the careers provision in school.

In order to maintain this status, regular audits of the Careers Library is undertaken to ensure that the information provided is accurate and up to date.

Payment for Lost or Damaged Library Books

Books are loaned over a two weeks period. Pupils are advised that whilst the book is in their care, they are responsible for the book and that it should be returned in good condition. All resources are issued with a plastic jacket and pupils are provided with a plastic wallet in which to keep the book to protect it from damage. Any books returned damaged or lost items, must be paid for and this can be done via Wisepay.

Payment can be made by following the steps below:


The books listed below have been specifically chosen to encourage and challenge our pupils to explore new titles and authors, both fiction and non-fiction, with a view to transforming our pupils into well read, confident readers.

Please encourage your child to read from the titles listed below:

KS3 Reading List

KS4 Reading List

Suggested newspapers – The Guardian, The Telegraph

Recommended pre A-Level Reading List

Suggested newspapers – The Times, The Observer, The Telegraph

Book Review Template