Art and Design

In Art and Design we aim to provide pupils with a course that offers a balance between breadth of experience and depth of knowledge. This means that whilst learning about art and the world around them, pupils will learn how to make informed artistic decisions with purpose and skill.

The Curriculum

Key Stage 3

At Key Stage 3 pupils are taught the fundamental formal elements of Art and Design through a variety of topics designed to encourage pupils to ‘think like an artist’. Pupils in Year 7 and Year 8 receive one 60 minute lesson per week with homework every two weeks and are taught in mixed ability groups. In Year 9 pupils can choose to study Fine Art, Graphics, Textiles and Photography in the preference curriculum.

Year 7 Curriculum Plan

Year 8 Curriculum Plan

Year 9 Curriculum Plan

Key Stage 4

Pupils in Years 10 & 11 receive three 60 minute lessons a week with homework/target time once a week. We offer four different GCSE two year courses of study with the AQA examination board: Fine Art, Graphics, Textiles and Photography. Pupils are taught in mixed ability groups and GCSE grades are awarded for coursework (60%) and the completion of a timed examination (40%).

KS4 Curriculum Plan


Art and Design: Fine Art - AQA GCSE Art and Design (8202)

Art and Design: Graphic Design - AQA GCSE Art and Design (8203)

Art and Design: Photography - AQA GCSE Art and Design (8206)

Art and Design: Textiles - AQA GCSE Art and Design (8204)

After School Clubs

The Art department offers specific support to Key Stage 4 Monday – Wednesday, where coursework catch up and assessment guidance is offered. All year groups can access support and use of the facilities in classrooms before school, during break and after school upon pre-arrangement with individual members of staff.

Revision/Catch-up Sessions

Key Stage 4 coursework catch up on Monday and Tuesday after school. Key Stage 4 Intervention with Learning Progress Assistant support on Wednesday after school.


Key Stage 4 trip to Manchester – In Year 10, pupils take a ‘thinking like an artist’ tour of Manchester. The photographs, drawings and information collected during the visit are used to inform the first coursework project Urban Art.

Year 11 Art Exhibition – in celebration of the pupils’ hard work and commitment, all Year 11 Art and Design work is exhibited in a public event during the summer term. Pupils are encouraged to bring family members to view their work and the event is usually very well attended.