Work Experience

At the end of the school year, all pupils currently in Year 10 will be expected to undertake a five day work experience placement.

The programme closely mirrors the experience of finding a job, so that pupils can be aware of what is involved for the future.

All eligible pupils will be asked to find their own placement for the dates given. Booking forms will be given out in good time, and all placements have to undergo a risk assessment and safety check.

What is a work placement?

We would like you to ask an employer to take you on board for five days, so that you can see what the working day is like.

Employers do recognise that you are untrained, and will only allow you to undertake tasks in line with your age.

We don’t mind where you work – it does not have to be linked to your future career – but we would like you to work with adults who are not familiar to you. For that reason, placements with family members are discouraged, unless you would be working in another part of the building or department. Part time work is not allowed. We would expect you to work at least six hours per day.

Work experience cannot take place in high risk environments, e.g. a butcher’s shop and special permission is required if you need to work unsociable hours, say after 6pm in the evening.

So where should I start looking?

Ask in local stores, shops, companies and businesses.
Ask to see the database of last year’s employers.

It is often better to approach an employer directly; make sure you look smart, make eye contact and smile!

Many businesses in Rochdale and Oldham have been involved with the work experience programme, and are used to pupils asking for a placement.

Please try to stay local to the area. This makes it easier to get a risk assessment done, it means that we can visit your placement if you are having problems, and we can get you home safely in case of sickness.

I think I have found a placement - what now?

The booking forms will be distributed in November. It should be taken back to your prospective employer to be filled in.

When filled in, you should then hand the form to Mrs Hastings, your Work Experience Co-ordinator. Do not give it to a friend, or a teacher to hand in for you, because they might lose it.

The booking is passed over to our risk assessors for a visit and a detailed check. This could take up to six weeks.

If your placement passes its risk assessment, you will be given written details of the job and asked to confirm the placement. The job description needs to be signed by you, your parent or carer, and your employer. The form should be returned to Mrs Hastings, and confirms that all three parties agree to the terms of the job.

Timeline for Work Experience Programme

September: You will be informally asked to start looking for a placement.
October: You will be reminded to look for your placement, ready to be booked in November.
November The booking forms will be given out and need to be returned by a mid February deadline. This is to allow time for a full risk assessment to take place.
Mid February You will be asked to see your Head of Year if you have not booked a placement.
May Risk assessments complete. You will be given another form detailing all job information and contact numbers for your placement. You will be asked to sign this form, your parent or carer and your employer will also be required to sign the form. This is to make sure that everyone is happy with the details of the placement. The signed slip is then returned to Mrs Hastings.
July You will be given a diary and a health and safety booklet. You should also attend an assembly where health and safety rules are explained to you.
Work Experience takes place.
September All employers have been contacted twice, and asked for feedback on the week. You will be given a copy of the feedback.

Medical or Individual Needs

Pupil placement form

Contact in School

Your Work Experience Co-ordinator is Mrs Hastings, who is based in the main reception. Mrs Hastings can be contacted directly on 01706 292835, or email at: Mrs L Hastings Email.

Work Experience Leaflet 2019