Uniform Sales

Following the consultation period with parents it has been agreed by governors that uniform can continue to be supplied by local suppliers. We have received confirmation from Ziggys School Wear, Moses and TopForm that they wish to supply Hollingworth Academy uniform to parents in line with the school requirements.

To hopefully meet all parental demands and offer a competitive price for the new blazer we have secured pricing from the manufacturers directly on all uniform and these will be available on WisePay for current parents to purchase.

With the exception of upper and lower school ties, uniform is not stocked in school and is ordered direct from the manufacturer of which the school has no control of stock and lead times. Therefore, please note that any items purchased through WisePay will not be available for collection from the school until approximately 4 weeks after ordering.

Ziggys School Wear
101 Yorkshire Street
OL16 1DW
23 Oldham Road
OL16 1UA
TopForm by Monkhouse
51-53 Drake Street
OL16 1RX

At Hollingworth Academy we believe that school uniform is important in ensuring that children, whatever their background or circumstances, feel an equal part of the school community. We also believe that a smart, well presented uniform indicates a willingness to comply with school rules and is good preparation for learning.

The governors fully support the School Uniform Policy and require the Headteacher or his representative to be the final arbiter in all matters to do with uniform, dress and appearance. Parents/Carers and pupils are advised to consult with relevant Heads of Year if they are considering uniform, dress or appearance changes that might conflict with school policy.

The school uniform consists of:

Grey School Blazer with School Logo

Tailored Classic by Tom Mahon Savile Row, manufactured and designed by Sportswear International (SWI).

Plain Black V-Necked Jumper


Black Skirt or Trousers

Skirts must be 'A' line or with a single pleat, with the skirt worn to the knee. Skirt styles not acceptable are: tight, short, 'pencil' or pleated.

Trousers must be of a standard school tailored style without splits, belt buckles or other adornments.

The following are unacceptable: Denims, cotton or canvas jeans, leggings, skinnies, ski-pants or stretch fabrics.

Plain White Shirt or Blouse

Sport shirts are unacceptable. Shirts/blouses should be tucked into trousers/skirts, with the top button fastened.

School Tie

Lower School Tie

Years 7, 8 and 9.

Upper School Tie

Years 10 and 11.

Ties must be worn and tied correctly with the Hollingworth logo visible.

Plain Black Hijab

If appropriate.

Black Socks or Black Tights

Tights must be plain black only (no patterned tights permitted). Either tights or socks must be worn, but not both.

Black Shoes

Black shoes must be worn. No trainer type shoe will be permitted. Footwear must be sensible and appropriate to school wear (this excludes high heels, sandals, boots, plimsolls or other inappropriate footwear).

Physical Education


  • Navy blue sweatshirt, plain or with school logo
  • Navy/sky blue socks for outdoors
  • Football boots and shin pads
  • White polo-shirt, plain or with school logo
  • Navy blue shorts/skirt/cycle shorts/tracksuit bottoms, plain or with school logo
  • White socks for indoors
  • Trainers


  • Navy/sky blue, long sleeved football/rugby shirt
  • Navy/sky blue socks for outdoors
  • Football boots, shin pads and gum shield
  • White polo-shirt, plain or with school logo
  • Navy blue shorts/tracksuit bottoms, plain or with school logo
  • White socks for indoors
  • Trainers

Hair Styles and Colouring

Added hair colours must be natural but no dip dyed or ombré styles. Hair braiding is only acceptable without beads or adornments. Short back and sides are acceptable; however, close shaved heads, patterns or lines cut into hair or eyebrows and hair extensions are not acceptable. Any hair accessories need to be in line with school uniform colours (i.e. bobbles/hairbands).

Makeup and Nails

Makeup must not be used by pupils in Years 7, 8 or 9. In Years 10 and 11, makeup must be subtle. The definition of 'subtle' lies with the Headteacher or his representative. Nails must be kept hygenic, safe length and not have nail polish on or acrylic nail extensions. This is for health and safety reasons. Fake tan is not allowed.

Jewellery and Valuables

Pupils are allowed to wear a wrist watch and plain stud earrings, which may have to be removed for Health and Safety reasons during certain lessons. No other jewellery should be worn. We recommend that watches and plain stud earrings brought into school never exceed a value of about £20. The school cannot accept any responsibility for the loss of valuables.

Any pupil who arrives out of uniform; in unsuitable uniform; wearing inappropriate jewellery; or with an unsuitable hairstyle or colour may be removed from class or sent home immediately and parent/carer informed.

The Headteacher or his representative will be the final arbiter on all uniform issues.