Hollingworth Parent Access

Hollingworth Academy provides parents with access to their child’s information stored on the schools database. The two methods below give you easy access to generic school information and to more detailed pupil information, from any device.

My Ed App

This is a free downloadable Application from Apple and Google app store which gives you access to generic Hollingworth Academy information (including school calendar, contact details, web page, policies, social media etc). It also gets updated each day with your child’s attendance and behaviour summary and enables the school to notify you of any news or messages. It’s a great tool for parents to get to information on the go.

  1. Download App "My Ed" from your mobile phone.
  2. Run App
  3. Select "Hollingworth Academy"
  4. Input your details, if these match the details we already have on our system for you the process will be quicker. If these differ to our details then the school may contact you to verify your setup.

For more details please go to My School App


This is the Academies MIS (Management Information System) which holds all relevant information about your child. Staff at Hollingworth populate this system with your child’s personal details, contact details, attendance data, school assessments, external examinations, timetable, behaviour logs. Parents can log in to Progresso from any device and see live details about their child and support the school in providing the best education for your child. You can also inform the school of changes to their personal details. This portal can be tailored around the needs of the parents and school; we hope to develop this with input from parents to support collaboration between home to school.

All parents or carers, who have parental responsibility for a pupil at Hollingworth and have supplied the school with a valid email address through the data collection form, will receive access to this information. The following document will take you through how to setup your account and start accessing your child’s information.

Activating Progresso Login and Accessing the System

If you already have your Progresso access details then Click Here to login.

Contact Details Check Form

If you have not provided the school with a valid email address and want access to Parent Access please complete the form below. You may be contacted to verify these details.

If you have more than one child then you will need to fill out the form for each child.