Our Staff

By Tutor Group

Year 7 Tutors

  • J Hoines (7JT)
  • C Maddison (7CM)
  • E Watson (7EE)
  • S Mannion (7SM)
  • A Lamb (7AL)
  • P Bremner (7PB)
  • A Holmes (7AH)
  • N Milne (7NM)
  • P Wild (7PW)
  • H Quigley (7HQ)
  • H Khaliq (7HK)
  • J Henry (7JH)

Year 8 Tutors

  • V Burke (8VB)
  • A Slattery (8LM)
  • A Harton (8AB)
  • N Seed (8NE)
  • J Collier (8JG)
  • Z Pollard (8ZP)
  • E Worrall (8EW)
  • R Royle (8RR)
  • V Smith (8VS)
  • S Shaw (8SH)
  • A O'Hare (8AO)
  • N Shaw (8NS)

Year 9 Tutors

  • C Smith (9CB)
  • S Guaghan (9SG)
  • A Hickford (9AF)
  • C Thomas/C Smith (9JS)
  • C Calveley (9CY)
  • L Hollinworth (9LG)
  • D Crispin (9DN)
  • S Ahmed (9SK)
  • D Whittle (9DW)
  • G Edwards (9GE)
  • C Drews (9CE)
  • R Kirkpatrick (9RK)

Year 10 Tutors

  • P Cope (10PC)
  • J Thompson (10JC)
  • H Mills (10HM)
  • D Whelan (10WH)
  • C Hobbs (10CH)
  • S Stelfox (10SS)
  • C Dobbs (10CD)
  • S Rider (10SR)
  • C Cobley (10CN)
  • C Inman (10CI)
  • R Crook (10RC)

Year 11 Tutors

  • J Anderson (11JA)
  • R Livesey (11RL)
  • N George (11NG)
  • H Earl (11HE)
  • K Smith (11KS)
  • B Ellidge (11BE)
  • L Bibby (11LH)
  • K Shepherd (11KH)
  • L Williams (11LW)
  • J Dawson (11DA)

Heads of Year

  • Mrs L Aubin (Year 7)
  • Mrs L Armitage (Year 8)
  • Mrs M Hartley (Year 9)
  • Mr M Farrell (Year 10)
  • Mr M Hollis (Year 11)

By Department

Headteacher & Deputy Headteachers

  • D Randle (Headteacher)
  • S White (Deputy Headteacher: Learning Support and Inclusion)
  • M Morrell (Deputy Headteacher/Pastoral Structure)
  • M Kojder (Deputy Headteacher: Learning and Teaching)

Mathematics Staff

  • K Clark (Head of Mathematics)
  • D Crispin (Mathematics)
  • R Crook (Mathematics)
  • J Hoines (Mathematics)
  • C Inman (Assistant Head of Mathematics)
  • N Khalid (Mathematics)
  • R Livesey (Mathematics)
  • N Seed (Mathematics)
  • S Stelfox (Assistant Head of Mathematics)
  • P Wild (Mathematics)
  • A Smale (Assistant Headteacher: Assessment, Data & Target Setting)

Science Staff

  • P Bremner (Assistant Head of Science)
  • C Cobley (Science)
  • J Collins (Science/Head of CEIAG (Maternity Leave)
  • P Cope (Science)
  • J Ellis (Science)
  • A Hickford (Science)
  • L Hollinworth (Science)
  • W McLoughlin (Trainee Teacher of Science (Physics))
  • A O'Hare (Assistant Head of Science)
  • N Shaw (ICT, Computer Science and Digital Literacy)
  • C Smith (Assistant Head of Science)
  • N Wainwright (Associate Assistant Headteacher/Head of Science)
  • C Robbins (Senior Assistant Headteacher/Curriculum Development and Timetable)

English Staff

  • S Aslam (English)
  • A Barton (English)
  • R Beresford (Teach First - English)
  • J Biddle-Mogg (Assistant Headteacher/Director of English)
  • D Cannon (English)
  • B Ellidge (Second in English)
  • S Gaughan (English)
  • R Hawthornwaite (Associate Head of English)
  • K Holdaway (Trainee Teacher of English)
  • K Hughes (English)
  • H Khaliq (English)
  • H Quigley (Ass Head of English)
  • B Larkin (Assistant Headteacher)
  • A Daubney (Assistant Headteacher: Professional Learning/CPD)

Computing and Business Staff

  • C Calveley (Head of B & E/ Lead Learning:PLTs)
  • J Howard (Business/ICT/Lead Learning: VLE)
  • C Maddison (Assistant Head of ICT & Computing)
  • N Shaw (ICT, Computer Science and Digital Literacy)
  • K Shepherd (Assistant Head of ICT & Computing)
  • D Whittle (Associate Assistant Headteacher/Head of ICT)
  • A Slattery (ICT)

MFL Staff

  • J A Anderson (MFL)
  • C Chaubel (FLA in MFL (Spanish)
  • N George (Assistant Head of MFL)
  • C Hobbs (Head of MFL / Lead Learning: Independent Learning)
  • H Mills (Professional Mentor/MFL)
  • N Shaw (MFL)
  • M Souillot (FLA in MFL (French))

Design & Technology Staff

  • K Smith (Head of Engineering & Construction)
  • R Royle (Design Technology / Lead Co-ordinator for Social Media)
  • V Smith (Head of Design & Technology)

Geography Staff

  • C Drews (Geography)
  • S Rider (Head of Geography)
  • S Shaw (Geography)

PE Staff

  • S Mannion (Head of PE)
  • C Thompson (PE)
  • C Warriner (PE/Lead Learner G&T Year 11 )
  • D Whelan (PE/Lead Learning: The Edge)
  • G Whitley (PE/Lead Learner: G&T Years 9&10)

Performing Arts Staff

  • R Dring (Performing Arts)
  • R Kirkpatrick (Head of PSCHE/Performing Arts)
  • N Milne (Head of Performing Arts)
  • J Thompson (Dance/Performing Arts)

Art & Design Staff

  • J Dawson (Head of Art)
  • A Lamb (Art)
  • L Williams (Art)
  • E Worrall (Assistant Head of Art & Assistant SENDCO)

History Staff

  • V Burke (Head of History)
  • A Holmes (History)
  • Z Pollard (History)
  • C Williamson (Assistant Headteacher: Raising Standards)

Food Technology & Catering Staff

  • S Ahmed (Acting Head of Food Technology)
  • L Bibby (Head of Food Technology)
  • L Dzomba (Food Technology)
  • C Smith (Food/Catering)

RE Staff

  • G Edwards (RE)
  • K Marshall (Trainee Teacher of RE)
  • E Watson (Head of RE)

Music, Media, Inclusion & Hair and Beauty Staff

  • H Earl (Head of Music/CEIAG)
  • L Brash (Hair & Beauty Tutor)
  • C Dobbs (Head of Media Studies)
  • J Henry (Head of Curricular Inclusion)

Operational Support Staff

  • D Beaumont (HR Manager)
  • Z Begum (Assistant Data Manager)
  • J Castree (Quality Officer / Pastoral Admin Y7-Y8 HOY)
  • G Charles (Administration Assistant / Clerk to Governors )
  • S Collinge (Data & Admin Manager)
  • J Cragg (Finance and Operations Manager)
  • S Gauld (Quality Officer / Pastoral Admin Y9-Y11 HOY)
  • A Ghafoor (Apprentice in IT)
  • L Hastings (Administration Assistant with WRL/Attendance)
  • A Holcroft (Apprentice in LRC)
  • K Lynch (Web and VLE Developer)
  • H Mellors (Receptionist)
  • L Milne (Examinations and Assessment Officer)
  • S Pearson (Network Manager)
  • J Rhodes (Senior ICT Technician)
  • M Smith (Assistant Admin Manager / PA to Headteacher and Deputy Headteacher)
  • L Stockton (Administration Assistant with Educational Visits)
  • C Wawrzyn (Administration Assistant - Progress)
  • L Webster (Finance and Operations Officer)

Pastoral Support Staff

  • L Armitage (Head of Year 11)
  • L Aubin (Head of Year 7)
  • J Brown (Designated Safeguarding Lead)
  • T Bye (Pastoral Support Mentor)
  • C Edmends (Pastoral Support Mentor)
  • M Farrell (Senior Head of Year 9)
  • M Hartley (Head of Year 8)
  • M Hollis (Head of Year 10)
  • J Spence (Duty Supervisor)
  • J Taylor (Duty Supervisor)
  • A Jabeen (Duty Supervisor)
  • Y Manzoor (Duty Supervisor)
  • V Travis (LRC & Careers Mentor)

SEN Support Staff

  • L Barnes (Learning and Progress Assistant - English)
  • F Bibi(Learning and Progress Assistant (Temporary))
  • C Brennan (Learning and Progress Assistant - Science)
  • J Collier (Higher Learning and Progress Assistant)
  • Z Cooney (Learning and Progress Assistant)
  • S Dixon (Learning and Progress Assistant - BETA)
  • S Evans (Learning and Progress Assistant (Temporary))
  • J L Helliwell (Learning and Progress Assistant (Temporary))
  • M Howard (Learning and Progress Assistant - ICT?General)
  • A Kearney (SEN Administrator)
  • M Kearney (Learning and Progress Assistant)
  • M Lonsdale (Learning and Progress Assistant (Temporary))
  • B McKeon (Learning and Progress Assistant - Science)
  • P Murphy (Learning and Progress Assistant)
  • S Olsen (Literacy Co-ordinator)
  • C O'Shea (Learning and Progress Assistant (Temporary))
  • S Pearce (Higher Learning and Progress Assistant - Inclusion)
  • E Pearce (Learning and Progress Assistant (Agency from 25.09.2017))
  • J Pilling (Learning and Progress Assistant - Mathematics*)
  • G Runciman (Learning and Progress Assistant/Evening Receptionist)
  • J Stuart (Learning and Progress Assistant - Inclusion (Temporary))
  • G Szlatoszlavek (Learning and Progress Assistant - Beta*)
  • M White (Learning and Progress Assistant (Temporary))
  • Z Wood (Learning and Progress Assistant - ICT*)
  • J Wright (Learning and Progress Assistant (Temporary))
  • A Zaman (Learning and Progress Assistant (Temporary))

Learning Supervisors

  • C Crisi (Senior Learning Supervisor)
  • S Cronin (Learning Supervisor)
  • M Davis (Learning Supervisor)


  • R Bennett (DT/Health & Safety Technician)
  • A Capper (Apprentice Science Technician)
  • F Gallaher (Apprentice DT Technician)
  • K Lewis (Classroom Assistant Art/Secretary)
  • L Parkinson (PE/Design & Print Technician)
  • K Quigley (Food Technology Technician)
  • K Rawstron (Science Technician)
  • E Thorp (Senior Science Technician)