24th March 2020

The Hollingworth VLE is currently working again after Firefly undertook maintenance on the site to investigate the issue. We are also looking into alternative provision to online learning, should we continue to experience problems. Many thanks for your patience.

Our Staff

By Tutor Group

Year 7 Tutors

  • P Cope (7PC)
  • J Thompson (7JC)
  • K Abel (7HM)
  • D Whelan (7WH)
  • R Livesey (7RL)
  • S Chadderton (7SS)
  • C Thomas / P Mercer (7CT)
  • S Rider (7SR)
  • R Gill (7RG)
  • C Inman (7CI)
  • R Crook (7RC)
  • J Henry (7JH)

Year 8 Tutors

  • J Anderson (8JA)
  • S Aslam (8SA)
  • N George (8NG)
  • N Khalid (8NK)
  • K Smith (8KS)
  • R Mackey (8RM)
  • L Bibby (8LH)
  • K Shepherd (8KH)
  • L Williams (8LW)
  • J Dawson (8DA)
  • L Barlow (8LA)
  • R Kirkpatrick (8RK)

Year 9 Tutors

  • J Hoines (9JT)
  • C Maddison (9CM)
  • S Burke (9EW)
  • S Mannion (9SM)
  • A Lamb (9AL)
  • P Bremner (9PB)
  • A Holmes (9AH)
  • N Milne (9NM)
  • H Earl (9HE)
  • K Holdaway (9KY)
  • R Beresford (9RB)

Year 10 Tutors

  • V Burke / D Cannon (10VB)
  • L Maddison / R Dring (10LM)
  • A Barton (10AB)
  • N Seed (10NE)
  • N Shaw (10NS)
  • Z Pollard (10ZP)
  • N Shaw (10NW)
  • R Royle (10RR)
  • V Smith (10VS)
  • S Shaw (10SH)
  • A O’Hare (10AO)

Year 11 Tutors

  • C Smith (11CB)
  • S Gaughan (11SG)
  • C Cobley (11CN)
  • J Collins / C Smith (11JS)
  • C Calveley (11CY)
  • L Hollinworth / K Prigmore (11LH)
  • D Crispin (11DN)
  • S Ahmed (11SK)
  • D Whittle (11DW)
  • G Edwards (11GE)
  • C Drews (11CE)

Heads of Year

  • Mrs L Aubin (Year 7)
  • Mrs L Armitage (Year 8)
  • Mrs M Hartley (Year 9)
  • Mr M Farrell (Year 10)
  • Mr M Hollis (Year 11)

By Department

Headteacher & Deputy Headteachers

  • D Randle (Headteacher)
  • M Kojder (Deputy Headteacher)
  • M Morrell (Deputy Headteacher)

Mathematics Staff

  • K Clarke (Head of Mathematics)
  • S Chadderton (Assistant Head of Mathematics - Y8)
  • C Inman (Assistant Head of Mathematics / Assistant SENDCO)
  • A Smale (Senior Assistant Headteacher: Ethos)
  • D Crispin (Teacher of Mathematics)
  • R Crook (Teacher of Mathematics)
  • J Hoines (Teacher of Mathematics)
  • N Khalid (Teacher of Mathematics)
  • R Livesey (Assistant Head of Mathematics)
  • P Mercer (Mathematics School Improvement Lead)
  • N Seed (Teacher of Mathematics)
  • P Wild (Teacher of Mathematics / KS3 Pastoral Leader)

Science Staff

  • N Wainwright (Head of Science)
  • C Robbins (Senior Assistant Headteacher: Curriculum Development & Timetabling)
  • A O'Hare (Assistant Head of Science)
  • C Smith (Assistant Head of Science)
  • P Bremner (Assistant Head of Science)
  • C Cobley (Teacher of Science)
  • L Hollinworth (Teacher of Science)
  • P Cope (Teacher of Science)
  • J Collins (Teacher of Science / Careers Leader)
  • D Whelan (Teacher of Science / Lead Learner The Edge)
  • R Mackey (Teacher of Science)

English Staff

  • J Biddle-Mogg (Assistant Headteacher / Director of English)
  • R Hawthorthwaite (Head of English)
  • B Larkin (Assistant Headteacher)
  • A Barton (Assistant Head of English)
  • K Abel (Teacher of English)
  • S Aslam (Teacher of English)
  • L Barlow (Teacher of English)
  • R Beresford (Teacher of English / Pastoral Mentor)
  • D Cannon (Teacher of English)
  • S Gaughan (Teacher of English)
  • K Holdaway (Teacher of English)
  • K Prigmore (Teacher of English)
  • A Daubney (Teaching of English / Senior Assistant Headteacher: Director of Teaching School & School Improvement Lead)

Computing and Business Staff

  • D Whittle (Head of ICT)
  • K Shepherd (Assistant Head of ICT & Computing)
  • L Maddison (Assistant Head of ICT & Computing)
  • N Shaw (Teacher of ICT, Computer Science and Digital Literacy)
  • C Calveley (Head of B & E / Lead Learning: PLTs)
  • J Howard (Teacher of Business / ICT / Lead Learning: VLE)

MFL Staff

  • H Whittle (Head of MFL)
  • N George (Assistant Head of MFL)
  • C Hobbs (Assistant Headteacher)
  • J Anderson (Teacher of MFL)
  • N Shaw (Teacher of MFL)

Design & Technology Staff

  • V Smith (Head of Design Technology)
  • K Smith (Head of Engineering & Construction)
  • R Royle (Teacher of Design Technology / Lead Co-ordinator for E-Learning)

Geography Staff

  • S Rider (Head of Geography)
  • S Shaw (Teacher of Geography)
  • C Drews (Teacher of Geography)

PE Staff

  • S Mannion (Head of PE)
  • G Whitley (Teacher of PE / Lead Learner G&T Year 8)
  • C Warriner (Teacher of PE / Lead Learner G&T Year 11)
  • C Thomas (Teacher of PE)
  • C Maddison (Teacher of PE)
  • R Gill (Teacher of PE)

Performing Arts Staff

  • N Milne (Head of Performing Arts)
  • R Kirkpatrick (Head of PSHCE / Teacher of Performing Arts)
  • R Dring (Teacher of Performing Arts)
  • J Thompson (Teacher of Dance / Performing Arts)

Art & Design Staff

  • J Dawson (Head of Art)
  • E Eaton (Teacher of Art / SENDCO)
  • A Lamb (Teacher of Art)
  • L Williams (Teacher of Art)

History Staff

  • Z Pollard (Head of History)
  • C Williamson (Assistant Headteacher: Raising Standards)
  • E Mahon (Teacher of History)
  • A Holmes (Teacher of History)
  • V Burke (Teacher of History)

Food Technology & Catering Staff

  • L Bibby (Head of Food Technology)
  • S Ahmed (Teacher of Food Technology)
  • C Smith (Teacher of Food Technology)

RE Staff

  • E Watson (Head of RE)
  • G Hawkesworth (Head of RE)
  • S Burke (Teacher of RE)

Music, Media, Inclusion & Hair and Beauty Staff

  • H Earl (Head of Music)
  • L Brash (Hair & Beauty Tutor)
  • C Dobbs (Head of Media & Academic Enrichment for HPA Pupils)
  • J Henry (Head of Curricular Inclusion)

Catering Staff

  • P Edmondson (Chef)
  • J Harris (Second Chef)
  • C Orrell (Catering Administrator)
  • J Watt (Pastry Cook)
  • K Bell (Mid-day Supervisor)
  • J Swift (Mid-day Supervisor)
  • J Porter (Mid-day Supervisor)
  • A Bux (Dining & Catering Assistant)
  • C Blakey (Dining & Catering Assistant)
  • PL Allen (Catering Assistant)
  • D Ashworth (Catering Assistant)
  • P Bebb (Catering Assistant)
  • K Burke (Catering Assistant)
  • S Hughes (Catering Assistant)
  • D Lee (Catering Assistant)
  • K Smith (Catering Assistant)
  • J Wood (Catering Assistant)
  • D Woodward (Catering Assistant)

Operational Support Staff

  • D Beaumont (HR Manager)
  • Z Begum (Assistant Data Manager)
  • D Campbell (Receptionist)
  • J Castree (Quality Officer / Pastoral Admin Y7-Y8 HOY)
  • G Charles (Administration Assistant / Clerk to Governors )
  • S Collinge (Senior Admin Manager)
  • J Cragg (Finance and Operations Manager)
  • S Gauld (Quality Officer / Pastoral Admin Y9-Y11 HOY)
  • A Ghafoor (Cloud Services Technician)
  • L Hastings (Administration Assistant with WRL/Attendance)
  • J Hawkrigg (Director of Support Services)
  • H Mellors (Receptionist)
  • L Milne (Examinations and Assessment Manager)
  • S Pearson (Network Manager)
  • J Rhodes (Senior ICT Technician)
  • M Smith (Assistant Admin Manager / PA to Headteacher and Deputy Headteachers)
  • L Stockton (Administration Assistant with Educational Visits)
  • L Webster (Finance and Operations Officer)

Pastoral Support Staff

  • L Armitage (Head of Year 9)
  • L Aubin (Head of Year 7)
  • J Brown (Designated Safeguarding Lead)
  • T Bye (Pastoral Support Mentor)
  • C Edmends (Pastoral Support Mentor)
  • M Farrell (Senior Head of Year 11)
  • M Hartley (Head of Year 10)
  • M Hollis (Head of Year 8)
  • P Snake (Library Assistant)
  • J Spence (Duty Supervisor)
  • J Taylor (Duty Supervisor)
  • V Travis (LRC & Careers Mentor)
  • J Wassell (School Nurse)

SEN Support Staff

  • A Kearney (SEND Administrator)
  • S Andrews (Learning Progress Assistant)
  • L Barnes (Learning and Progress Assistant – English)
  • F Bibi (Learning Progress Assistant)
  • C Brennan (Learning and Progress Assistant – Science)
  • A Brogan (Learning Progress Assistant)
  • J Collier (Numeracy Coordinator)
  • SK Cowling (Learning Progress Assistant)
  • S Dixon (Learning and Progress Assistant – BETA)
  • S Evans (Learning Progress Assistant)
  • L Jarvis (Learning Progress Assistant)
  • M Kearney (Learning and Progress Assistant)
  • A Lowthian (Learning Progress Assistant)
  • I Lupton (Learning Progress Assistant)
  • E Maher (Learning & Progress Assistant)
  • B McKeon (Learning and Progress Assistant – Science)
  • S Olsen (Literacy Co-ordinator)
  • S Pearce (Higher Learning and Progress Assistant – Inclusion)
  • E Pearson (Learning Progress Assistant)
  • M Rigg (Learning Progress Assistant)
  • G Runciman (Learning Progress Assistant / Evening Receptionist)
  • G Szlatoszlavek (Learning and Progress Assistant – BETA)
  • M Walmsley (Learning Progress Assistant)
  • Z Wood (Learning and Progress Assistant – ICT)
  • A Jabeen (Learning Progress Assistant)

Learning Supervisors

  • C Crisi (Senior Learning Supervisor)
  • J Wright (Learning Supervisor)
  • M Davis (Learning Supervisor)


  • R Bennett (Senior Technician: DT, Construction & Health & Safety)
  • H Codd (Assistant Science Technician)
  • S Hany (Senior Science Technician)
  • K Lewis (Classroom Assistant Art / Secretary)
  • L Parkinson (PE / Design and Print Technician)
  • K Quigley (Food Technology Technician)
  • K Rawstron (Assistant Science Technician)
  • J Smallwood (Assistant Technician)