Exclusions Policy

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Hollingworth Academy, through effective and positive behaviour management, aims to avoid pupils being excluded from school and actively seeks ways of reducing exclusion rates.  It should, however, be recognised that serious breaches of school discipline are unacceptable and the school will apply a serious sanction where these occur.  This policy aims to give governors, staff, pupils and parents/carers an understanding of the kinds of behaviours that may well result in exclusion and how these are managed.

This policy was drawn up with reference to the following documents:

Fixed Term Exclusions

Exclusions are used where a serious breach of school discipline occurs or where a pupil is causing persistent disruption to the smooth running of the school.  The school has two levels of fixed term exclusion to reflect not only the seriousness of the breach of school discipline, but also the previous behaviour of the pupil concerned and the context.  Each situation is judged on a case by case basis.

External Fixed Term Exclusions are used for more serious breaches of school discipline or where a pupil has a record of previous serious incidents or persistent disruption to learning.  Exclusions of this type are for a maximum of five school days.  They are recorded on the exclusion log and on the child's record in school.  Pupils returning from fixed term exclusion will have a readmission meeting in school with their parents/carers and may be subject to a Pastoral Support Plan (PSP) or other interventions designed to prevent further exclusions.

Internal Fixed Term Exclusions are used where a serious breach of school discipline occurs, but the incident is less extreme.  Internal fixed term exclusions may also be used where a child would normally be excluded externally, but an external exclusion could put them at potential risk.

Decisions about fixed term exclusions are taken by the Headteacher or Deputy Headteacher, once they have been presented with the evidence gathered by the Head of Year about the incident and are satisfied that there is a balance of probability that the pupil has been responsible for a serious breach of school discipline.

The list below outlines the kinds of serious incidents/behaviour that may result in fixed term exclusions.  This is not an exhaustive list, but gives an indication of the types of serious breaches of school discipline which may lead to exclusion.

Serious incidents are defined as the following:

Incidents Outside of School Hours

The above sanctions apply to all school activities, trips and visits.  If a serious incident occurs whilst on a school trip or visit, then the pupil(s) concerned may well be excluded from future school trips and visits.  If an incident occurs either on the way to or from school, the school has the right to apply sanctions such as exclusions.

If an incident occurs outside of school hours, in the evenings or at weekends, the Headteacher or Deputy Headteacher must consider whether the presence of a pupil in the school building is likely to have an impact on the smooth running of the school or on the safety and well-being of other pupils or staff.  If this is the case exclusions may well be applied.

Governors Pupil Behaviour and Inclusion Committee

The Governors Pupil Behaviour and Inclusion Committee meets for three main reasons.

Governors do not have the power to overturn the Headteacher's decision to exclude a pupil unless the exclusion results in a pupil missing a public examination, the exclusion is permanent, the exclusion results in the pupil being excluded for more than 15 days in a school term, or where a pupil has been excluded for more than 5 days in a term and where parents/carers have requested a governing body meeting.

Governors must ensure that the correct procedures are in place and be satisfied that the school has done all it can to try and support the pupil in question.

Permanent Exclusions

Pupils may be permanently excluded for a very serious one off incident or for persistent breaches of school discipline.  The Headteacher, or in his or her absence the Deputy Headteacher, are the only people who can make a decision to permanently exclude a pupil.

Where a permanent exclusion is considered, the Headteacher or Deputy Headteacher may exclude for a fixed period initially in order to be sure that all the evidence is considered and to allow the pupil's record and circumstance to be investigated.  This may also include a discussion with parents/carers.

The Headteacher will consider alternatives to exclusion such as a managed move to another school in the following circumstances.

Any managed move must meet the criteria set out in the Local Authority guidance and must be with the consent of the parent/carer and child concerned.  If the managed move is unsuccessful the Headteacher may decide to permanently exclude the pupil concerned.

This policy will be reviewed at regular intervals by the governing body/Academy Trust and amended in the light of any new published guidelines from the DfE.

Created: September 2014
Created by: Mr S White - Deputy Headteacher
Approved by: Full Governors
To be reviewed: September 2021
Updated: 9th September 2019 (Mr Martin Morrell – Deputy Headteacher)