What is Careers Education, Information, Advice and Guidance (CEIAG)?

Careers Education, Information, Advice and Guidance programmes make a major contribution in preparing young people for opportunities, responsibilities and experience of life. They help young people make decisions and manage transitions as learners and workers. It is vital that all 11-16 year olds have the knowledge and skills they need to make informed choices. We strive at all times to conform to the current "best practices" in Careers Education, Information, Advice and Guidance laid down by the government.

Hollingworth Academy is committed to providing a planned programme of CEIAG for all students in Years 7-11, in partnership with outside agencies (Colleges, 6th Forms, Apprenticeship providers, Positive Steps and Universities). The careers programme is continually assessed and monitored in line with whole-school quality assurance procedures, to ensure it is meeting the statutory requirements for careers education and guidance. Hollingworth Academy has a strong track record of success with its CEIAG programme, and has a measureable impact on pupil outcomes, demonstrated by consistently outstanding 'destination' data, which we are required to monitor as part of our CEIAG policy. The most recent figures for this are as follows:

College No attending
Rochdale Sixth Form College 85
Hopwood Hall College 58
The Oldham Sixth Form College 40
The Oldham College 6
Bury College 11
Apprenticeships 9
Other 23

In addition to this, in line with Raising of the Participation Age (RPA) guidelines, Hollingworth Academy continues to monitor and offer support to past pupils as they move into both Year 12 and Year 13 to ensure that they stay in education, employment or training until they reach the age of 18.

The careers programme is designed to meet the needs of all students at Hollingworth Academy. It is differentiated and personalised to ensure progression through activities that are appropriate to students' stages of career learning, planning and development. The careers programme includes career sessions, career guidance activities (group work and individual interviews), information and research, work-related learning (two weeks work experience in July of Year 10) and other outside agency intervention. The careers programme is delivered by all staff, either through their role as a form tutor, PSHE teacher or by subject teachers linking careers a particular curriculum area in lessons.